And Now You Know

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If you’re not sprung on Rumspringa yet, you’re about to be. These LA boys make the local rounds enough that you’ve nodded your head to a tune at a Hollywood haunt at least once. This brand of band is a moody mash of bluesy riffs and sing-along worthy pop beats. Don’t be surprised if you spot them on the festival circuit in the near future. Recently, we got to chat with Joey Stevens (guitar/vocals) about the important things in life… like why POGS absolutely have to come back.


5 words or less, describe your sound: Glossolalia with strings and drums

Favorite song on the album: “Insex” off our most recent EP Mosaic

Most-loved movie quote: “I’M BATMAN!”

Current obsession: The L.A. Clippers!

Most embarrassing trend you’ve rocked: Bleached spiked hair and Korn T-shirts


If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing? Painting

If you could have any super power…I think making people laugh and smile all the time is a pretty sweet super power!

Trend that you’re dying to bring back: Pogs

Dead or alive, who’d you trade closets with: Wyatt Earp

What’s your go-to outfit? White tee, black cut offs, black Vans and Ray Bans!