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Fashion / Sound Off: 10 Questions With Local Natives

Oh, Local Natives…what would we do without you? Still buzzing from the enchantment of Monday night’s performance at the El Rey, we couldn’t stop these dudes from taking residence in our heads if we tried – they make us crazyyyy! A magical blend of harmonious vocals and instruments, these guys are so much more than your typical indie band…they make you feel. Check ’em out below, as we peek into vocalist Taylor Rice’s pretty little brain to uncover his passion for Poly Sci, David Bowie and his dreams of being a flying shaman! If we weren’t in love already, this pretty much sealed the deal for us. #WeDie

Local Natives-2

Favorite song on the album: It changes constantly, depending on which one feels best to play. Currently, it’s “Colombia”.

Current obsession: Soccer. It’s always been an obsession.

Most embarrassing trend you rocked when you were younger: I had bleached hair and wore super tight black hardcore t-shirts. My hair is pretty dark so it actually looked more like orange hair! That was over pretty quickly.

If you could trade closets with anyone…Obviously David Bowie! (obvi!)

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing? I really like school. I’d probably go back to school to study Political Science.

5 words or less, describe your sound: Google it and listen! :)

As a kid, what did you wanna be when you grew up? In a band. It’s true! Ryan and I met in Junior High and were in love with At the Drive In. We thought “this could be our lives forever!” We still think the same thing. 

If you could have any super power… I’d want to be a healer. Like a shaman that could immediately cure disease. Ideally…a flying shaman!

New Year’s resolution: I have tons. I wrote them all down. The most mundane ones are to drink an absurd amount of water, run every day, meditate twice a day, etc. The least mundane ones…I can’t share with you. 

Fave show played in 2012: Our first show in LA in over 2 years was at The Satellite in Silver Lake. We had our residency there when we were first starting out, so it’s a special place and means a lot to us as a band. We even warmed up on the basketball courts behind the venue like we used to. It was awesome!

Local Natives-1