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Fashion / Sound Off: 10 Questions with Io Echo

Io Echo-1

A glamorous melding of electronic synths, Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins, IO Echo’s sound has got us completely mesmerized. They’re magical. Their sound transports us to a faraway dreamland, but the flowing kimonos and muted florals make us want to stay. Like, forever. We sat down with front woman and total muse Ioanna Gika to get the lowdown on her iconic wardrobe, her love of rainforests and why East Asia has had such an influence on her sound and style. Le sigh.


Your Sound in 5 words or less:
Bliss Doom Space Ice Cream


What influences your style?

My style is a love letter to the places and countries I’ve lived in, traveled to, and felt passionately about.


Summertime means…

R Kelly


Favorite festival you’ve ever been to?

Coachella.  We got to play it this year and it was a real honor!


Currently obsessed with…

The medieval knight’s mask I have owned for years, purple trees, my koto harp, clear vinyl, music by TOKiMONSTA.

Io Echo-2 Style Mantra:

Don’t chase the trend, be the trend.


Tell us more about the kimono and why you’ve chosen it to become such an iconic part of your wardrobe.

I’ve been collecting kimonos for a while. Sometimes I wear them on stage.  My family lived and traveled throughout South East Asia so I’ve had a couple of them passed down to me, some kindly gifted, some custom made.


Beach or pool?



How has living in LA/being from LA influenced your style?

I love designers who live in LA. There is a real passion here. When I wear them I feel like I am a part of LA.


Fave hangout in LA?

I love the sushi restaurant Shintaro.

Io Echo-3

Watch IO Echo’s Video for “When the Lilies Die” and just try not to fall in love. We dare you.