And Now You Know

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One of our fav HQ stylists may have met these guys at Silverlake’s Los Globos, but since we’re on the constant lookout for new and up-and-coming artists, we must say that we were quite pleasantly surprised when we first heard this fresh new hip-hop/R&B/tribal/new-wave mesh of a duo fire up our headphones. With a dance-party-reckoning sound and a vibrantly unique style, B.C. Kingdom makes us want to “running man” down to the closest record store (err…we mean iTunes Store) and grab the EP, like now.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA. But both born and raised in Inglewood

Your sound in 5 words: Fresh, forward, tropical, innovative, hard

Currently listening to on repeat: A LOT of late 90s music

Most-loved movie quote: “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!” –Training Day

Item in your closet you couldn’t live without: (Logan): My snakes bone vertebrae necklace, my Timberlands and cloths to wrap my turbans. (Zou): My Kenzo and Kufi hats, my ethnic printed scarves and my rave coat.

Most embarrassing trend you rocked when you were younger: We were pretty fresh when we were young, so we have no regrets.

Super hero power: We would want to control the weather like Storm in X-Men.

90s trend you’d love to bring back: Gold jewelry, box braids and Daisy Dukes

All you want this holiday is: The entire Kenzo men’s collection – shoes and everything!

Signature dance move: The Tootsie Roll!

If you could trade closets with anyone dead or alive: WOW. It would definitely be all of the Sultans and Maharajas!

Watch B.C. Kingdom’s “The Melody”