And Now You Know

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It’s that hour before sunset and we’re enjoying the golden sunlight in Alamo Square Park before our interview with Jennie of Our phone beeps: “Mind if our dog joins us? :) ” Yes. We were already excited to meet her, and now a pooch is part of the package. “No, please bring him!” we text back. In a few minutes, a girl in a hat and a little dog walk up to our picnic table…

Oh! He’s so cute! By the way, hello! What’s his name? What kind of dog is he?

(Laughing) This is Cowboy. He’s a terrier mix we adopted awhile back. I don’t know exactly what he is, but when I saw him I knew he’d be mine. We both come to this park for family walks on Sundays.

He’s adorable. So aside from this place, where can you be found in the city?

I love coming here. I live a few blocks away, and I love the Full House, painted ladies (editor’s note: the Victorian houses in SF are known as “painted ladies”) deal. I also spend a lot of time at Wasteland in the Haight and Crossroads. I like Mira Mira in the Mission. I’m a homebody, so I don’t go out much at night. I’m also a huge nerd- whenever someone comes to visit me, I love doing the touristy stuff. The Hyde Street trolley (it has a better view than the Powell Street one!), Alcatraz…

Tell us about your blog, Going West.

I’ve been posting outfits for about one and half years… no, wait, two and a half years. Wow. Two and a half years. Before that, it was a blog about actually going west. When I finished college, my boyfriend and I up and moved away from home. We’re from Iowa, and I had never been west of Nebraska, so we decided to stay here. I think we blend in here.

You seem right at home. How has this place influenced your style?

In the Mid West, you can have your own style, but I was challenged. It was difficult to push myself and dress differently. I’m learning about layering here. There, the norm there was bundling up for the cold, and wearing a tank top in the summer. Here, it’s about layering colors, patterns, pieces. I can see California creeping into my wardrobe. I’ve also gotten really into jewelry.

How do you stay inspired and keep coming up with great ideas for outfits and posts?

I like to look at and I read blogs, too many blogs- there are so many out there and I love them all. Editorials, magazines, and this city itself. You’ve got to keep thinking about revamping and reinspiring yourself. My style is always changing. I like simple pieces, I’m comfortable putting simple pieces together. I’ve also always been inspired by edgier style, like Kate Moss or Erin Wassen. I relate to them.

They’re great- we look to them for inspiration too. So, what are your fashion plans for spring?

I was thinking about that… I’m not excited about this mod thing… I take trends in a little bit, I don’t jump into them full force. I’ve found myself going back to my “all black” phase. I used to wear a lot of black clothes, and I think I’m going back to doing that this spring.

Thanks Jennie. It was a pleasure chatting, and we loved meeting Cowboy. Follow Jennie’s blog Going West, her Twitter and her Instagram @JennieGoingWest.