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It’s day two of our San Francisco trip (are you following our adventures on f21insider on Instagram yet?) and we had the privilege of meeting stylist and blogger Hasti of Mode Bay Area in neighboring Sausalito today. It’s about a 15-20 minute cab ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, but if the weather is nice we recommend renting a bike and riding it over. Trust us, the views (and Instagram opportunities!) are so worth the burn.

So what is it about Sausalito that makes it a must-visit for you?

Well, I love the city. I like to go to San Francisco during the day for work, and there’s a lot of energy and people. Then I come to Sausalito, it’s so close and it’s beautiful, to decompress and make the effort to relax after a busy day. Look at that view! You can see whales and seals in the water, it’s quieter here. There are also great places to spend some time, like Lappert’s Ice Cream (817 Bridgeway) which is completely amazing and worth coming all the way here for.

We do love ice cream. While we’re eating a cone, where else do you recommend we go?

There are great novelty shops, like Sausalito Ferry Dot Com (688 Bridgeway) and Games People Play (695 Bridgeway). You can get silly things, like bacon flavored candy, miniature erasers that look like cupcakes, little tiny plastic toys. It’s a massive Instagram-ing opportunity! I just started using Instagram and I’m hooked. I love that shopping and technology are so interwoven, you know?

Yes! We love tchotchkes and fun little things like that. What else does Sausalito have that you can’t get anywhere else?

It’s such a cute little place, and it has a ton of art galleries. You can see galleries all over the city, but I wanted to show you my favorite– the Dr. Seuss gallery (690 Bridgeway). Every time I go in, I talk about buying a piece, and the joke is always, is that for you or for your kids? I say it’s for the kids… but it would be totally for me.

We dig. Now, tell us about fashion in general and in particular San Francisco fashion– what are your thoughts about it?

It has a lot to do with style vs. brand. Other parts of the country, it’s about the designer. Here, it’s about the look from head to toe. I think our bloggers photograph fabulously because of their use of colors and textures and layering. I’ve always been a black-beige-neutrals girl, and SF has opened me up to pops of color. One of my favorite trends for spring is fluorescent pops! I feel like it’s the 80s with an edited eye.

Great advice from a professional! What would you say is the perfect outfit to wear while touring San Francisco?

For sightseeing, for sure skinny jeans. Flat moto boots for walking a lot and for sure a moto-inspired jacket. Do a tee and a sweater for layering. Oh, and don’t forget a great knit scarf! (We’re so into Hasti’s tips that we put together a look for our readers to shop, below.)

Loose Knit Scarf ($8.00), Basic Knit Cardigan ($11.50), Wide Stripes Tee ($10.80), Moto Jacket ($32.80), Distressed Leather Ankle Boots ($34.80), Skinny Jeans ($27.80)

Thanks for the tour and the tips! Any parting words, about the city, about style, anything, for our readers?

I have a funny story actually: I started Mode Bay Area and am a professional stylist, and I love what I do, but I actually got sent home from my first retail job for not being dressed well enough! (I was wearing a silky/satiny maxi and thick foam sandals– ugh.) Finding your style is about looking around you for inspiration and making it your own. My favorite part of my job is helping someone who doesn’t feel great about the way they look and teaching them how to change it. Style can put a spring in people’s steps, and that makes it fun to play with and fun to work in.

Follow Hasti at her blog Mode Bay Area, on Twitter at @ModeBayArea, and on Instagram at ModeBayArea.