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Day three in the city by the bay, and only one day left until the Grand Opening of our Stockton Street store! When introducing you to the city blogger by blogger, we’d be remiss to not invite the gorgeous Anh of to chat. Known for her pitch-perfect professional look, Anh embodies the idea of city sophistication without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Anh! You’ve got completely enviable style, and you work in an entirely different industry. How’d you get into blogging?

Shopping has always been a family tradition of mine (laughs). I’ve always loved magazines growing up; Vogue, Harpers Bazaar… I ate it all up. It was visual stimulation for that day and age. I’m a medical device marketing manager, so my job is extremely technical and serious. When I discovered fashion blogs two years ago, I was obsessed. Loved it. I started by own blog as a hobby, and a place to express my personal voice.

That personal voice is so important in a style blog. What other tips do you have for bloggers who are just starting out?

It’s pretty clichéd to say, but just be you. It takes time, a long time, to get into the groove and find a way to express your voice. Be you. From a technical standpoint, post regularly, comment a lot, embrace your community and social media. And Twitter!

Oh, we feel you on the social media thing- we’ve been Instragram-ing our whole SF adventure! With how quickly the internet connects people, do you get recognized a lot?

Sometimes, and it’s always so flattering. If it happens in everyday life, I get caught off guard. At work, I’m a working girl, so when someone recognizes me I’m not prepared. It’s surprising and fun and so flattering. One of my favorite things about blogging is that you meet so many people. You know, after college you don’t have that many chances to meet people that have common interest and experiences. The style blogging community really brings people together.

We have to ask you about San Francisco: what do you love about this city?

I love walking around the Marina. Hanging out at The House, my favorite restaurant– they have amazing sea bass. Walking my dogs in Nob Hill on this little postage stamp of a park that faces Grace Cathedral. Shopping at Union Square and on Fillmore Street, which is super cute.

You asked us to meet you at Maiden Lane and Stockton, close to Union Square. Where do you like to shop and what do you look for?

Maiden Lane (pictured above) is this great little street that’s close to everything, with beautiful high end stores and cute little cafés– you can never get enough of those (laughs). I do a lot of my shopping in Union Square since everything is here, from big department stores like Saks and Barneys to stores like Forever 21. All of my jeans are from Forever 21! I’m obsessed with them. When I think about what to buy, I think about being able to really wear it and feel comfortable in it. For spring I’m really excited for all the pastel colors and girly frills with a little edge to them.

We’ve got to ask, since you’re the queen of, you know, 9 to 5 chic. What’s your go to professional outfit?

I’m a total blouse and skirt person. Always stock up on great blouses, and tuck them into your waistband. Pick a not too fitted pencil skirt. Button your blouse all the way to the top! If you’re going somewhere a little more conservative, like a job interview, a great suit will never fail you, but make it your own with a piece of jewelry that speaks to you and killer shoes.

(Above left) Anh crossing the street in Union Square, (right) Checking out an installation of public art in the square. “It’s touristy, but it’s so cute! It’s because of the ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’ quote.”

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