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It’s the last day of our week in San Francisco, and while we’re sad to saying goodbye to gourmet coffee and a city full of shopping and sightseeing, we’re excited to go out in fashion. Our last interview (aw! but tune in next week for a very special video blog feature with another SF blogger!) is with Natalie of Like Fresh Laundry. She’s sweet, smart, and we’re completely addicted to the gorgeous photography on her blog. We met up with her at her local coffee shop, The Coffee Bar, around the Mission.

This is a great place, is it close to your neighborhood?

Yes, I love this place! It’s empty now, but it’s normally a sea of laptops and people on them. It’s a total neighborhood place, I see people from my apartment building all the time. This is a booming neighborhood. It’s nice to be so close to the Mission, but still a little ways off to have this different neighborhood feel.

Yes, it looks a bit more mellow than one of the Mission’s main streets. Aside from this area, what parts of the city do you recommend?

The mission is awesome for shopping and for food! Union Square is great for shopping, but if you want to see what the city has to offer, just walk the neighborhoods. Noe Valley, Mission, the Marina– just walk down the main streets and see what’s available.

We’re fans of that philosophy. Any specific must sees?

I love Painted Bird (editor’s note: we went there on Tuesday and loved it too) because they always refresh their inventory and stock great jewelry. The Bell Jar and Candy Store Collective are wonderful shops too– mixes of higher end product and more affordable pieces. As far as food goes, my favorite place is an Italian restaurant called Aperto. It has fresh, homemade pasta, it’s not terribly pricey, and it doesn’t require reservations. Foreign Cinema is amazing for brunch– the ambiance is beautiful, like a big airy loft, the food is great, it’s a friend/date hang out spot.

What do you see the style of San Francisco being?

It’s really low key. Style isn’t really a main focus of the city; the culture is great, really creative and outdoorsy and simultaneously tech-savvy. It isn’t really too much about “fashion with a capital F” here. The bloggers here make up such a tight knit community. Even the well-known ones are friendly and laid back. Ultimately, each neighborhood has it’s own vibe.

Let’s talk about your own, personal vibe. How would you sum up your style?

I tend toward the romantic, but keep it modern– not too soft and sweet. I experiment a lot. My philosophy is to wear what makes you feel good! I like lots of pleats, flowy skirts and some spiky stuff as accessories. That’s always fun.

(Above, Natalie’s picks at our new Stockton Street XXI store.)

What are you most excited to be shopping for, now that spring is on the horizon?

I’m loving all the colors, like cobalt blue in unexpected color combos. I’m also try to find pleated pieces. [Basically] I’m expanding my wardrobe!

We’re completely okay with that philosophy! Lastly, any tips for people who want to start their own fashion blog?

Just do it! Just jump in and do it. I thought about starting a blog for so long. I actually started one a few years ago and then stopped. When you start one, so many opportunities and new people will come your way. You start having so much fun that it becomes addictive. It starts out as a passion project for a lot of people.

Thank you Natalie! And thank you, city by the bay… we certainly left our hearts in San Francisco.

Follow Natalie’s blog, Like Fresh Laundry, and her on Twitter and Instagram¬†@likefresh.