And Now You Know

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We’re teaming up with our maje-loved blogger pal Dylana Suarez of Color Me Nanaand she adopts a few hot-off-the-runway trends of this season! Here she chats about how she diggs snapbacks, her kicks and our fave, Sporty Spice! Peep below to see her sporty-chic look that you must try outside of the gym.


Sporty Spice was always my favorite Spice Girl. She represented that female muscle strength (backflips and all) that blew everyone in the room out of the water. She was the ultimate icon of girl power and a blatant expression of self confidence with her own body. Who says we have to only wear tight dresses and heels to get what we want? A girl aware of the way her inner/outer strength rather than the way she bats her lashes . . . now that’s a girl who’s got groove. And it seems like the fashion industry is finally playing Sporty Spice back up in a fresh new way for spring/summer 2014, adding some sparkle to the already glowing team spirit.

Decadently layered jersey knits. High top sneakers with mid-length skirts. A backwards baseball cap updated with neon highlights. Striped socks pulled high and tight. Jersey tees with sequined trimming. Sporty meets spice, literally. A toughness sweetened up with an airiness that only comes out to play in the summertime. Stilettos with sweatpants. Sneakers with cocktails dresses. Bring it on.

How we portray our more feminine side alongside our inner warrior that still expresses our multi-dimensionality in this world will always be a tough battle to win. Girls play games just as good as the boys, and we look a thousand times better doing it. Forever 21 keeps the duality of this trend on point with their mix-and-match aesthetic that doesn’t say you have to choose to go down one style route or stick yourself into a corner forever. Kick a ball around while you drink champagne. That’s how we want to do it nowadays. And nobody can judge us for it.