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Fashion / Outfit Inspo: A Look for Black Friday

Are. You. Ready???? As the most loved/dreaded retail holiday finally casts its dark shadow upon us, the last thing we need is the stress of finding the perfect shopping outfit. Lucky for you we’ve culled the perfect collection of pieces to help you gear up for the cold-weather-crusade that we call Black Friday.

Black flats look polished while maintaining comfort (since you’ll be on your feet all day) and a crossbody bag is the perfect solution to keep your hands free (to hold the hundreds of bags you’ll have in your possession). Remain chic throughout the madness in damask skinny jeans and an overlay blouse, and considering that anyone who braves the mall during Black Friday might as well be deemed as a Superwoman, a black cape provides the perfect icing on a very frenetic cake.

It’s time to get your shopping on! And for those of you too scared to hit the malls this Black Friday, check out our ahhh-mazing deals in-store and on