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Fashion / Miami Blogger Meet Cute: 10 Questions With Steffy’s Pros and Cons

An LA girl can start to feel a little lost in Miami, but luckily we have a few fab blogger buddies to keep us company! Yesterday we caught up with Steffy from Steffy’s Pros and Cons at a sweet little ice cream spot called The Frieze to get the scoop on top Miami shop spots, spring trends and her serious addiction to all things sweet. This boho babe was a vintage beauty with a heart of gold!

Most important question!!! We’re in an ice cream shop. What’s your favorite flavor?

Peanut butter ice cream!


What are you wearing right now?

A vintage polka dotted blouse, thrifted overalls, platform sandals, my all-time favorite hat and a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag!

How would you describe your style in 5 words?

Girly, vintage-inspired, quirky, random and feminine.


How would you describe Miami style?

Miami style is sooo mixed! There are too many styles to really define it!


What’s your favorite shopping spot in Miami?

I love to shop in Lincoln Road and on Collins Avenue. Something about being at an outside mall inspires me to spend! :)

 Top 5 Miami Musts?

1. The Lincoln Road Antique Fair (every other Sunday). It’s my favoooorite!

2. Versailles, the best Cuban food ever!

3. Azucar – they have my all-time favorite ice cream!

4. O Cinema (in downtown Miami) always plays amazing films!

5. Chocolate Fashion – my favorite French bakery in Coral Gables!


What’s your go-to look when you can’t decide what to wear?

I always fall back on short skater skirts + knee high socks. Works every time!


What are looking forward to wear most this spring?


How has your life changed as a blogger?

Blogging has opened my eyes to how much I can accomplish with dedication and creativity. It has really helped me to believe in myself.


Tell us a deep dark secret!

I am disgustingly addicted to sweets! Some days I only eat sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


If you could trade closets with anyone Alexa Chung! We have the exact same taste!