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Once again, we have DIY superstar, Erica from FASHIONLUSH here to whip up another a-ma-zing home decor DIY that’ll blow your (lacey) socks off!!


Hey babes!! Fashionlush, here again J.
Okay, so I don’t know about you guys… but I am majorly into home décor.
For me, it’s just an extension of my personal style.
I think of it like this- if your wardrobe is on point, don’t you think your home should be too?

My home has a very minimalistic/ black & white vibe to it.
I like to keep things simple, with the occasional bit of flair here & there.
Like throwing a standout pair of leopard pumps on a shelf, having color-coded coffee table books on display, & most recently – a boho DIY black lace lantern hanging from the ceiling.

This lil’ do it yourself lantern is definitely one of my favorites to date.
It’s functional (more light in a home is always a good thing), super chic,
& the added texture has given my space just what it needed.
I know it seems like a lot of steps, but trust me—it’s super easy &
the result is totally worth the time!!

Looking for more home décor inspiration?
Find some more of my fave DIY projects for the homestead here.

Xx, E






+ White flour
+ Water (easy!)
+ A couple balloons (in case you need a backup!)
+ String
+ A needle
+ Cord kit for paper lanterns or an LED light
+ Lace fabric
+ Paint brush


1. Gather your supplies!

2. Blow up your balloon to almost as large as it can go, tie a piece of string to the top of your balloon, & then tie it onto something so you can reach all sides of the balloon (not touching anything!).

3. Make your paste (so the lace can adhere to the balloon).  Mix 1 large tablespoon of white flour with 1 cup of water, place on the stove at medium heat. Stir often to remove all lumps of flour so the consistency is smooth & when the mixture begins to boil, take off the stove. The paste at this point will be quite liquid; yet as it cools it will begin to gel. When fully cooled, transfer your paste to a bowl.

4. Cut multiple squares of lace fabric.

5. Then, time to glue on your lace!!
To get the lace to stick to the balloon you can do this one of two ways. You can either dip all your pieces of lace in the glue & stick them to the balloon (the messier way), or you can “paint” the paste onto the balloon, stick on your lace, & paint on another layer of paste (the tedious, yet cleaner, way). Either way, make sure to leave an opening at the top.

6. Let your balloon dry all-day or overnight. Once the lace feels fully stiff, grab your needle & pop your balloon. Pull the balloon out of the top.

7. Put a light bulb in your cord & insert inside of the lace lantern.

TA-DA! Now hang it somewhere awesome, plug it in, & marvel in your creativity/ rad new light fixture.

NOTE:: If using a light bulb, use an energy saver bulb as they do not get as hot. I also recommend spraying the fabric with a fire guard spray just in case. You can also skip all of this by using a LED light.