And Now You Know

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We’ve made quite a splash in Antwerp- not only was our shopping preview party a smashing success, we’ve also made some pretty impressive friends. Bloggers Sabrina and Sofie, from and respectively, happen to be stylish, crazy about shopping and sweet enough to offer to style their fans in a special one-on-one blogger restyle! One look at these girls in action and the outfits they pulled for their lucky winners, and you’ll know why they’re at the top of our blogroll…

(Above left) We gave each duo a rolling rack and free reign of the Antwerp store to make it easier to follow Sophie’s advice for styling: “Get inspired by blogs, magazines, models off duty and people in fashion. Pick whatever you love and style it from there.” (Right) Sabrina and her fan Athena pick some apple juice to pre-fuel their shopping adventure.

(Above left) Sophie styles one of her must haves, a good coat, on her fan Lotte. (Right) Sabrina suggests a pair of shoes to Athena, advising her to “keep it simple and create edge [in your outfit] with accessories so it doesn’t become boring.”

(Above left) Athena, who has followed AfterDrk for almost a year, and Sabrina scout around for a perfect bag, the one item that Sabrina declares a must-have for fall. (Right) Sophie scours for a belt for her number one fan.

(Above left) Sophie smiles as Lotte tries on an item she never would have picked out herself, leopard print thong sandals, and loves them. (Right) No one can call these girls divas; Sabrina gets down on her hands and knees to untie a pair of gilt oxfords for Athena.

(Above left) Athena in her favorite outfit of the day- an all burgundy look with pants, a sheer top and (that aforementioned edgy piece!) panther pumps. (Right) Reviewing pictures from the day. Lotte has followed Sofie’s blog since it’s inception, almost three years ago.

(Above left) After a day’s work, Sabrina takes a needed rest. “I was around 15 when I got interested in fashion. First for myself and my friends, and [my interest] just got bigger and bigger,” she tells us. (Right) Sabrina replies, as she puts finishing touches on Lotte, “I was in high school [too]. There were snobby preps, skaters and alternative kids [at my school], and I went through phases of dressing like each of those groups. I started thinking about what I liked, and my love of fashion went from there.”