And Now You Know

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It’s 80′s week on The Skinny! Well, maybe not a whole week… (too much neon could sunburn a retina like you wouldn’t believe.) Okay, so it’s 80′s day on The Skinny and we’re flashing back on a Glass Spider Tour with the Day-Glo decade’s first and only Goblin King, David Bowie, as inspiration guide. We’re talking neon body-cons, glitter, crunchy hair, studded hardware and dramarama! Make no mistake – this isn’t a Trapper-Keeper love note to Molly Ringwald’s take on pastels and florals. (We still love you Molls) It’s all about the glamour, theatrics and shock-value. You wouldn’t want your wardrobe to short circuit with summer around the corner, now would you?

SHOP BOWIE DOWN: 7-Piece “Electric Nails” Polish Set $9.80, Sunglasses $5.80, Bright Basic Tee $10.80, Lace Tube Top $4.80, Trio Of Stars Ring $4.80, Neon Craze Lip Balm $2.80, Body Con Dress- available in select stores, shop for similar items here.