And Now You Know

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Our time spent with Onch…where do we even start?! In anticipation of the launch of Hello Kitty Forever, we invited Onch Movement (who collaborated with us for Hello Kitty Forever’s jewelry line) to come over to or digs to partake in a bit of DIY fun. Little did we know that having Onch in the studio actually meant a complete takeover – and we loved every moment of it. Check out our behind-the-scene look of what went down when Onch took over the HQ photo studio. We just about died when Onch starting pulling slabs of bacon and pink teddy bears out of his bag, like a Mary Poppins moment, we all sat in entranced eagerness for what would follow next. With Onch, you just never know…

We asked Onch to take a plain white F21Men’s tee and go-to-town on it. Little did we know…

Using acrylic paints and paint pens, Onch Van Gogh-ed us a pretty little portrait of himself.

Onchism #1: “Do you smell that? It smells like fashion.” #wedie

Tagging up his portrait tee with some F21 love.

Onchism #3: “Pink makes everything better.”

Onch loved our embellished collar necklace! Oooohhh sparkles!

That is sooooo Onch!

Since we were in the DIY mood, we also asked Onch to try his hand in blingin’ out a pair of F21Men’s denim.

Boy loves his teddies, what can we say? #donthate

Onchism #2: “Yesterday’s breakfast is today’s necklace!”

Did somebody say splatter paint?!!!

That bacon is making us hungry. Mmmmm….bacon.

Onch Fact: Even though he blinged out a pair of jeans for us, Onch has sworn off pants – he sticks to hot shorts instead.

Too much is never enough.

Onchism #4: “When in doubt, throw some glitter on it.”

Hello Kitty got in the way of our splatter sesh…and voila! A one-of-a-kind jewelry box! #instantart**

Beautiful chaos. #whenonchtakesover

**Onch is clearly no stranger to using food to make accessories (and we love him for that)! Besides the bacon and pretzels (shown above) what other foods has Onch made jewelry pieces out of? Leave a comment below and name a famous Onch Movement piece inspired by food and win a one-of-a-kind Hello Kitty Forever jewelry box created by Onch himself! Hint, Hint! We’ll even throw in an F21 magazine! 3 Winners will be chosen, good luck!!