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Steffy Kuncman from Steffy’s Pros and Cons has a knack for pairing vintage-inspired clothing with sequin minis and skater skirts! We just about died when she wore our floral print clothing items for summer. Between her nautical striped shirt, summer hats and sunnies, Steffy shined like a true summer gal. If you haven’t check out her blog–do it now!! 




It is true, florals can be intimidating. When i first started to wear beautiful pastel floral prints, mostly with vintage items, i felt like the florals in the outfit had to “shine.” Over time, I’ve learned that that is not always the case! Many times florals act as a beautiful backdrop to other special pieces in your look, or they are a lovely way to mix pattern-on-pattern.

During the summertime months, when layering becomes extremely difficult (and nearly impossible with the heat!) adding a floral print into your look is the perfect way to spice things up! An easy go-to way to add florals into the mixture is by wearing a printed bag! Black denim cutoffs, black pointy boots, a chambray shirt and then BAM–a pop of florals on the print of your bag; it is easy and effortlessly chic.

Stripes and florals is another fun way to mix things up. In order to pull the look off without looking crazy, I identify the main colors that compose the floral print, which in this case was a navy blue. Thick horizontally striped pieces always add a bit of parisian-chic to a look, and with a navy, white and red floral bag this becomes one of my favorite summer looks.

You can’t go wrong with florals at any time of the year, in my opinion. But there is really no better time to wear them than now, in the sunshine, paired with all of your favorite summer items– straw hats, bold colored sandals and of course fun pastel colored sunnies!


Don’t forget to check out her Instagram!