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DIY / GUEST POST: DIY Yarn-Wrapped Jewelry Display

Our girl Erica from FASHIONLUSH got craft-happy this weekend with a super easy and stunning take on how to stylishly stash jewelry. Read below to find out how she pulled some strings to bring together a display that’s all about fashion AND function. 


Jewelry is art, & you certainly don’t hide your art in the corner of your closet- do you?

Absolutely not!

Whether a necklace hanging on a picture frame or midi rings displayed in a little gold dish on my coffee table, I like to put my jewelry on display throughout my home.

Which brings me to today’s DIY project. This yarn wrapped & color blocked antler is my all time favorite way to display my most favorite bangles & baubles. It looks great anywhere in the home… even hung on the wall dripping in chain!

Enjoy & get your craft on ;)



  1. Antler— you can find these on Etsy or even at your local flea market!
  2. Embroidery Thread— which can be found at your local craft store. Choose three colors (or more) of your liking. I chose black/ mint/ & white to match the colors in my house.



Step 1: Decide where you want to start. My plan of action was to do yarn wrapping on each of the “branches”, & one on the base of the antler. So, I started first on one of the “branches”.

Step 2: Simply tie a knot with your first color & start wrapping.

Step 3: When done wrapping your first color, tie it off and start on the second color. Don’t cut the excess string of your first color yet, instead wrap around it with your second color (less visible knots = better).

Step 4: Continue on this process with as many colors as you want to use!

Step 5: Now trim the excess yarn.

Step 6: Repeat this process wherever else you want to have some cute color blocking done on the antler, for me it was the base & the other antler, but get creative with it & have fun.

Step 7: Add Jewelry!