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It's Because I Think Too Much

The Pink Stripes Manicure
When window shopping, I came across a pink, coral, and red striped sweater
and instantly fell in love with the colors. Seeing it inspired me to create a similar look on my nails. Keep reading to see how you can get this look for yourself.
The Supplies
Get yourself Love & Beauty by Forever 21 nail polish in coral, neon pink, and pink. You’ll also need a nail art or soft-bristled paint brush. The BaseGrab the lightest color, in this case it’s pink, and paint an opaque base on all ofyour nails.Remember to let the lacquer fully dry in between coats.
The Stripes
Dab a drop or two of the neon pink and coral polishes onto something you can throw away whenyou’re done. Carefully dip your brush into the coral and lay it on your nail to paint your first stripe.I find it’s easiest to paint a straight line if you hold the brush fairly still and slowly roll your fingerback and forth underneath it. Wipe your brush clean on a cotton ball and dip it into the hot pinkpolish; paint your second stripe right next to the first. Start the pattern over after leaving a spacefor a light pink stripe. Continue the pattern until you’re striped all of your nails.

When you’ve finished with each nail, you’ll probably have a bit of polish on the skin around your nails. Pull most of the fluff off the end of a cotton swab, dip it in polish remover, and carefully clean up any mess. What you’re left with will be a perfectly pink striped manicure!