And Now You Know

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This wide-eyed beaute has us on our toes in anticipation for all of her upcoming movies this year! Since making her Hollywood debut at age 7, Chloe has proved to the world her unequivocal talent far beyond her years. The teen star is KILLIN’ it on the big screens! From the action packed Kick-Ass series to the strikingly emotional drama film, If I Stay (in theaters Aug. 22), there’s no question as to why our girl is shining bright in the spotlight! Not only does she have major talent behind the camera, but she also has impeccable style on the red carpet! We’ve developed a serious crush and so will you when you see our fave top looks!  Let us know which outfit is the cutest!

And for those of you who are also die-hard Chloe Moretz fans, don’t miss out on our weekly Freebie Friday giveaways for If I Stay, for a chance to win a bunch of goodies! (every Friday for the next 3 weeks!)