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Fashion Face Off / Gab Sesh: 7 Questions with Model Josh Beech

You fell in love with him in our Spring Daze campaign, and got ready for festival season with his spread in our SS13 Magazine – now sit back, relax, and try not to drool as Brit model-slash-musician Josh Beech gives us a little lip service (if only) on his wild ‘n crazy festival experiences, the lust for London and who would star in his ultimate desert encounter.

Josh Beech Interview Image-3 Describe the best kind of mirage to have in the desert.

You know the Coca Cola advert with the Coca Cola truck around Christmas? How sick would it be if you were in the desert and just really thirsty and that passed by you?! You’d be like “Sweet!”


How were you discovered?

I was scouted by Sheryl Smith about 4 ½ years ago at a gig I was playing with my old punk band. She asked me if I wanted to model and I said “No not really!” and about a month later I ended up shooting a Burberry campaign.


Describe your style.

Preppy Grunge or Prep Punk. I wear a lot of ripped jeans and band shirts, but I do like to put a suit on every once in a while.


Josh Beech Interview Image-1

Craziest thing you’ve ever done at a festival?

I came back to the site where all my friends were staying and appeared with an orange wig and an army uniform on. Which I didn’t have earlier in the day. That was pretty weird.


Favorite music festival?

Reading is my favorite festival. It’s the first one I went to as a kid and I’ve been pretty much every year since for the last ten years now!


Josh Beech Interview Image-2

You’re in a band. So is music a big part of your life?

Yeah music’s always been a passion of mine and something that I’ve wanted to pursue since I left school…and I love it!


How would you describe your singing voice?

I’ve been told that I sound like [Marcus] Mumford quite a lot and the guy from Alt-J, which are both bands I like. As I’ve gotten older the comparisons have changed, maybe I’ve just gotten more mature because when I first started off people used to say that I sounded like Brandon from Incubus. Maybe my voice broke really late in life.


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