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There’s a reason why everyone is talking about Ashley Smith. The Texas-native is not only a timeless beauty with an adorably iconic gap-toothed grin, but her energy and charisma are infectious. We mean, the girl is charming. Check out the interview below and try not to fall in love, we dare you. Can you say, new girl crush?

F21: Describe a perfect day in NYC.

AS: The perfect day in NYC would be on a Sunday. You wake up late and bike to Café Orlin, or someplace like that, to get a late brunch, bike to Central Park, and then – after having a couple of games of soccer – go watch your favorite band play at Webster Hall.


F21: How do you get ready for a photoshoot?

AS: It’s really all about music for me. Sometimes if I have a long car trip to remote locations for photoshoots, I’ll just put in my headphones and dance to myself and feel out my body. I don’t feel like I’m a big poser, if I hold something for 15 minutes I’m like, “This does not look right, I’ve got to start this over now.”


F21: What are your obsessions right now?

AS: I’m really, really obsessed with leather gloves. I spend so much time going to all the vintage stores in New York looking for cool leather gloves – like biker gloves! I just think that they can spice up any kind of look. I’m kind of obsessed with leather of all shapes and forms. I’m also obsessed with orangey-red lipstick. I think it’s so fun and so youthful, really cool and spunky. And also I’ve been really obsessed with coconut milk for some reason. It’s kind of a strange obsession, don’t judge me!


F21: Who was your style icon growing up?

AS: My sister was kind of my style icon actually. She wore band t-shirts, went to concerts, and hung out with boys and that’s who I wanted to be like – I wanted to be just like my sister. She didn’t like many girly things, she liked jeans and Airwalks and Keds and I just thought she was pretty much the coolest person I had ever met. She doesn’t wear perfume either, she only wears cologne. She’s a super boy, so in a way I grew up a total boy – which is interesting with my figure I guess? I don’t know.


F21: Tell us a deep dark secret.

AS: I don’t know if it’s secret, but I’m a giant nerd. Really big nerd. I love comic books and video games and I read Harry Potter.  I’ve read all of them! I went and watched every movie on every opening day. I’m just a big nerd. Don’t tell anybody!


F21: Who’s your all-time celebrity crush?

AS: Do you know the band The Hives? So there’s this lead singer, his name is Howlin’ Pelle…I’m gonna marry that man one day, it’s gonna happen. It’s just gonna happen.


F21: What’s your biggest fear?

AS: A cockroach in my bed – that’s freakin’ scary. If you wake up and there’s something crawling on you…not cool. How long has he been there? I’ve been sleeping!


F21: What are your pet peeves?

AS: When people smack their gum. Is that even necessary? But, how do you say that nicely?


F21: If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing instead?

AS: If I wasn’t modeling right now I’d be going to college and I would be probably studying art. I draw pretty much every day, I have this giant sketchbook that stuffed full of pictures from memories that I’ve had within the past couple of years, so I’d probably be doing something like that. I don’t know what I’m going to be when I grow up… and that’s okay.


F21: Why do you think the gap in your teeth has become so iconic?

AS: My gap really made me because it really is unique. It’s quite a big space and it’s quite weird that it works so well, a lot of people are shocked by that – I’m a little shocked by that too. I grew up with it and all of my best friends were like “promise me that you’ll never get it changed!” and I was like, “Ok fine I won’t ever get it changed!”

And I won’t ever get it changed – it’s just part of me and I embrace it.