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We are SO, SO psyched to introduce our first plus-size guest blogger, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. She’s here to offer outfit direction, fashion tips and style know-how to highlight those gorgeous curves! Take it away Marie!

As the temperature rises, so does the heat on plus size fashion! With the rise of plus size fashion and its many options, finding your way through it all can be a bit overwhelming! But have no fear; I am here to help you out! As The Curvy Fashionista, I am here to help answer and offer advice to YOU, the plus size Fashionista who needs just a little help putting your best curve forward!


The warm weather is now upon us (finally!) so it’s time to break out the summer dresses.  My problem?  I have the hardest time finding dresses that flatter my frame without making it look boxy.  Could you give me some tips on what to look for in a dress that flatters a small bust, small waist but plenty of hip, thigh and booty?

Thank you!

Hey Kelly!

Your question made me smile! There are a few styles of dresses that can remedy this issue for you! The trick with this body shape is balancing out your curves and finding dresses that cater to this shape. However, finding this type of dress is plentiful as your shape is quite a popular one! So, you are in for a treat!

Being fuller on the bottom, calls for wearing dresses with an open v-neck or a strapless neckline. You will find quite a few dresses that are fitted in the top and that flare out at the waist. Also make sure your dress shows off your legs as well! This will allow your curves to be enhanced rather than covered up in a “box!”

Abstract Halter Dress $22.80, Strapless Floral Dress$24.80, Paisley V-Neck Dress $24.80


I love the cropped top trend but I have huge breasts. Is there any way I can work this look without looking like a tramp or is it just a lost cause? Jacqueline


Jacqueline! I too like you LOVE a good cropped top! Being plus size as well, I have worn this trend two ways to be both fashionable and classy! You can fashion this trend strategically with layers, as I have done!

Over a fitted and body conscious dress, a crop top adds depth and personality to your look as well as doubling as an alternative to a coat! With color-blocking being one of the NOW trends, I suggest a great neutral dress and let your crop top be a focal point in a bold popping color OR keep it muted and let your accessories and shoes do the talking!

Another way to rock this crop top trend is to pair the top with your favorite bottoms (Skirt or pants) opting for a bottom that is not too loose- to balance your curves out perfectly! Layer a tank underneath in either the same color as your top or your bottoms. If you match your top to the bottoms, the focus will be on your fabulous crop top!

The key here is working it so that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your day! So, step out of your box and experiment darling!

Basic V-Neck Cami $3.50, Colorblock Top- available in select stores, shop similar items herePleated A-Line Skirt $24.80


I have more of a fuller figure and I hate wearing tight shirts, skinny jeans, and shorts.  It’s because I am very self-conscious.  I try to either wear baggy sweatshirts or black, because I heard it’s “slimming”.  But are there any other ways that I can feel “pretty” or “normal” like all of the other skinny girls at my public high school?  Because I am not very fashion-forward and so I need any advice or fashion tips that I can get!
Thank you so much!

Hi Ally!

Asking these questions and visiting sites like this one is the first step in putting your best curve forward! Okay, for starters in your quest to being a curvy Fashionista, I suggest that you ditch the idea of “slimming.” Your curves are going to be there regardless of what you wear, and THIS is okay!

Have you seen amazing images of fabulous plus size women in all of their curvy glory? Have you seen the beautiful Denise Bidot? The Forever 21+ Model on the site? In this digital world, I would suggest visiting blogs and fashion sites that cater to your size and shape to reinforce positive images and ideas for plus size fashion!

In regards to fashion tips, I suggest taking a day to peruse the internet, personal style plus size blogs, shopping malls, and find stores that cater to YOU and YOUR style! The greatest piece of information I can give you darling is to expose yourself to the resources and communities that surround you with positive plus size fashion style and images!

Good Luck love!