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Fashion / #F21xMerry: 10 Questions with Kastor & Pollux

Not that we’re insanely jealous or anything of Danielle and Bianca of the blog Kastor & Pollux …ok we’re totally insanely jealous of the girl power duo that puts together epic (and coordinated) outfits fit for any occasion! And for our #F21xMErry holiday season, we had to get the scoop on their holiday plans (hello snow in Canada!), the top item on their wish list (trust us, you want to know their answer) and their style resolutions for the New Year. Bundle up, babes!


What is the meaning behind the name Kastor & Pollux?
When we first started working together (in 2008), we looked almost identical. Our peers would often joke that we were “twins.” In lieu of something super obvious,  like “AZN OLSENS,” we turned to astrology – Castor & Pollux are the Gemini twins. We swapped the K for the C because we liked how it looked typographically.


Describe your style in 5 words.
Eclectic & saucy cross-coordinated fun.


What is the one item in your closet that you couldn’t live without?
A chunky platform shoe! Anything that gives us a little boost vertically is A-OK in our books!

If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be?
Miroslava Duma. We’re (borderline) creepy-obsessed with her. 

What blogs do you read? Who are your favorite Instagrammers? for inspiration in every creative field and @dylanlex on Instagram for jealousy-inducing neck adornment.

Kastor and Pollux-2

Tell us a deep dark secret!
Literally every single time we see each other, we end up sitting around in sweatpants eating grilled Nutella sandwiches!


What will you be wearing to your holiday get-togethers?
We predict that there will be a lot of velvet adorning our bodies this holiday season!


What’s #1 on your holiday wish list?
Justin Bieber’s love and affection.


Have any holiday beauty tips that you can share?
Our beauty routine stays the same year-round:  a cat-eye, strong brow, wine-colored lips and a sparkly highlight on our cheekbones. But maybe if we’re feeling adventurous this season, we’ll attempt to spice things up a little bit with some more metallics!


Give us one style resolution for the New Year!
…To continue our quest for the perfect cross-coordinated outfit(s)…and to wear more color!


Want more Kastor & Pollux? Follow them on Instagram, @KastorAndPollux!! :-*