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Fashion / F21 Queen B: 10 Questions with Kurumi Nakada

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Now that you’ve met our F21 Queen Bs from the United States and Canada (peep them if you haven’t yet!!) we’re traveling to Japan to intro you to Kurumi Nakada – an all-around style chameleon and serious blogger-slash-trendsetter-slash-girl we wish was our roomie! Read on to get to know why we are crushing so hard on her, and don’t forget to vote for her (or our other Queen Bs!) in the F21 Global Queen B Style-Off starting August 1st on Facebook! The last standing Queen B will receive a donation to their chosen charity and everyone who votes will be entered to win a $210 gift card! That’s so fetch!


Describe your style in 5 words.
Street, mode [stylish], mod, new standard [modern], vintage


Give us a rundown of a typical day for you.  

Class in the morning and modeling in the afternoon. Going to dinner with my friends at night. Then, DJing at the clubs and playing around.


What are you wearing today?

A mix inspired by various cultures, just like Tokyo fashion.


What is the one item in your closet that you couldn’t imagine parting with?

[My] black cap!


Any blogs you read on the reg?

[I] check Emi Suzuki’s blog every day!!

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Let’s talk Instagram! Any accounts that you’re always liking?

I would rather look through my friends’ Instagram than celebrities!


What is your current obsession?

TEMPURA KIDZ! Just watching them makes me [feel] energized.


For your soon-to-be-blogging fans, any tips for starting out?  

Understand [who] you are and sync it to your blog. That is important in my opinion.


Pick your favorite high school movie: The Heathers, Clueless or Mean Girls?  

Mean Girls!


How did you declare you style in high school?

[I] always wore secondhand clothing.

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