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Fashion / F21 Queen B: 10 Questions with Adventures in Fashion

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Representing our northern neighbors (aka Canada!) we tapped one of our favorite Canadian gals – Miss Vickie from Adventures in Fashion - to go for the gold as our #F21QueenB (side note: Global Queen B Style-Off deets to come soon!). Get to know the blogger babe below including her own blogger crush and her most embarrassing style moment in high school. Hint: we’re still LOL-ing about the stuffed animal backpacks we used to rock, too. Read on for more!


What’s your blogger back-story?

I started Adventures in Fashion in 2009 as a creative outlet. At the time I was living in a city that lacked a fashion community, so I desperately wanted to connect with like-minded people. I had no idea what I was doing when I started (which pretty much lasted my entire first year of blogging!), but I had a lot of fun and fell in love with it in a major way.


Describe your style in five words.

Feminine, preppy, eclectic, fun, classic.


If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be?

One person who immediately comes to mind is Blair from Atlantic-Pacific. I don’t think this girl could put together a bad outfit if she tried, plus her jewelry and purse collections are unreal!


How has your life changed as a blogger?

I honestly started blogging just for fun, but somehow it’s morphed into countless career opportunities and experiences that I would never have had otherwise.


What blogs do you read?

I love A Beautiful Mess, Design Love Fest, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Could I Have That?, Suburban Faux-Pas, Cheetah is the New Black, Kastles and so many more!


How will you mix your fav summer staple into your fall look?

I have a pretty healthy collection of shorts, which I can’t wait to wear with tights and ankle boots in the fall.


Any tips for new bloggers?

It’s very difficult to establish yourself and compete in an industry that’s so oversaturated, so be sure to take the time to figure out what sets you apart from the rest. Regardless of whether you plan to blog for fun or for profit, you need to carve out a niche for yourself first.


What was your most embarrassing style moment in high school?

I definitely went through a phase where I wore animal backpacks and used poof pens. Cringe.


Pick your favorite high school movie: The Heathers, Clueless or Mean Girls?

Clueless all the way — I can still recite most of the dialogue!


How did you declare your style in high school?

Let’s just say I was the only one roaming the halls in faux leather and snake print pants… In retrospect, this might tie into most embarrassing style moments as well! ;)

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