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Our girl Lauren from FITNESS BARBIE got health-focused and took time out from her intense workout schedule to create a month long challenge for all of us! No time like the present to work on our beach-bod – so sign us up! Check out more get-fit secrets from Lauren below!


Happy April! I consider myself an advocate of turning health into happiness. My passion is teaching others to use health and fitness as a platform for creating a life filled with happiness and confidence. I hope that my blog provides you the tools necessary to take some of those steps towards healthy living!

Aside from my daily workouts and meal plans that I post, these “calendar challenges” are to help you achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. These challenges are at no cost other than what it costs to make some simple changes in your life that will add up to substantial, positive results. I encourage you print out this calendar and to check off daily challenge you complete.

This month’s fun twist will help us start preparing for bikini season! It’s a progressive abdominal workout plan to aid in your ABSolutely awesome April :)




TIP 1: Find a workout buddy. Working out with another individual who is passionate about health and fitness will help to motivate you and hold you accountable. Find fulfillment in the fact that you are inspiring your friend as well.

TIP 2: Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit. The next time you crave a sweet treat, opt for fruit that contains fructose – the natural, fruit sugar – to curb the cravings.

TIP 3: Enjoy an Epsom salt bath to relieve achy muscles. Epsom salts are made up of magnesium sulfate; magnesium aids in regulating enzyme activity in the body, helping bodily functions run properly.

TIP 4: Put together a fun playlist before your workout to stay focused and motivated while exercising.

TIP 5: Use a smaller plate. Using smaller plates during mealtime will help regulate portions. Always leave lots of room on your plate for vegetables!

TIP 6: Stay hydrated to stay energized. As you work out, water leaves the body through sweat, and it is essential to replenish that water before, during, and after your workout.

TIP 7: Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier on the weekend. Begin your day with a quick workout to leave the rest of the day for fun with family and friends.

TIP 8: Fuel up on a protein-packed meal after a workout. Exercise, especially weight training, breaks down muscle fibers and the body craves nutrients to rebuild the muscles. Healthy food is key to recovery.

TIP 9: Embrace muscle! Muscle acts as a metabolic furnace, burning calories by simply existing, so building a physique with lean muscle will naturally allow you to burn more calories in a day.

TIP 10: Switch up your fitness routine. Our bodies quickly adapt to routines, so in order to continue seeing progress, it is crucial to keep the body guessing. Work out at different times of the day, vary the types of exercise you engage in, and scramble the order of exercises you do to avoid a plateau.