And Now You Know

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Forest critter prints are having a big moment on the runway, but if you have a job interview lined up, you might want to reconsider the herd of antelope on your blouse. Something that fabulous could be distracting. BUT, there’s another way to tame this beast – just go wild with a menagerie of accessories!

SHOP FOREST ANIMALS: Deer Head Necklace ($2.80), Lovely Owl Necklace ($3.80), Rhinestone Rabbit Ring ($5.80), Squirrel & Acorn Necklace ($4.80), Bunny Earrings ($1.50), Stretchy Fox Ring ($6.80), Textured Owl Ring ($2.80), Birds in Flight Earrings ($2.80), Deer Pendant Necklace ($2.80), and Deer Charm Necklace ($2.80)