And Now You Know

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It is wrapping crunch time and we’re here to help!  Here is a cute, creative (and EASY) way to update your gift-wrapping! We whipped up an easy DIY with just eight steps that anyone can follow (yes, even you!).

DIYs- Sweet

Things You’ll Need:

  • Wrapping paper you already have
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Gift Box
  • F21 Pendant Necklace



Step 1: Lay out your supplies

Step 2: Secure Wrapping with Tape

Step 3: Trim the wrapping paper to fit

Step 4: Center the necklace

Step 5: Securely tape the chain onto the back

Step 6: Cut a piece of wrapping paper

Step 7: Create a card using the same piece of wrapping paper

Step 8: Place the card onto the back to cover the chain… Add a bow for a touch of feminine flair!


Stay tuned for more DIYs this week!!!