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It took one sneak peek at our girl Erica Stolman’s patio to know that we just HAD to brighten up our outdoor area at HQ! She got paint-happy this weekend with a super fun and gorgeous take on freshening up her home. Read below to find out how you can brighten up any outdoor space with this super-easy DIY!

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+ Outdoor Dining Set

+ Three colors of exterior paint. I chose mint, peach, & dark grey.

+ Few different sized paint brushes (small/medium/large).

+ Frog tape

+ Triangle stencil (will tell you how to make below).

+ Clear acrylic sealer in a matte finish



Ready for the cutest home décor DIY project to ever exist? Well, it is actually more of an “outdoor” piece, but regardless… it’s so so amaze.


It’s almost Summertime (finally!!), & my main project as of late has been sprucing up my outdoor/patio area. I mean, who doesn’t love a chill summer BBQ with all of the fun fixings & the perfect outdoor setting? There is just nothin’ better.


This lil’ hand-painted bistro set is the perfect addition to your patio &/or lawn. It’s cute, eye-catching, & my personal fave spot to have my morning cup of tea.




1. Lay out the supplies.

2. Tape off your chairs in a striped pattern. See picture.

3. Paint the outside two lines w/ one color & the middle line a different color. Switch the colors on the second chair. Let dry completely.

4. Now, reverse the tape to cover the edges of the lines you just painted & paint the visible space w/ your third color (grey for me). Let dry.

5. To make your stencil: trace a triangle on piece of poster board. Cut around the triangle in a square so you have a small triangle stencil. Now, place your Frog tape over the triangle making it the exact same shape. Stick your triangle stencil made out of Frog tape down the thick middle line of the tray w/ one of your paint colors (purple for me). You can re-use the tape stencil 2x & then make a new one to make sure lines are sharp.

6. Paint your tabletop a solid color to start, I chose mint. Let dry.

7. Make more triangle stencils and using the same color you used for the chair triangles (purple for me), paint them across the center direction. There are 7 slats on the table so paint three in one direction; three in the other, & where they meet in the center make a fun design. Let dry. Finish off with a your acrylic sealer to prevent weather damage & yellowing.


WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM. Welcome to your new chill spot all summer long.