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Beauty / DIY: Chalk it up

Speaking of being under a pastel spell, we did this DIY last week at our HQ and are super excited to show it off! Channeling our latest campaign, Charlotte Free for Forever 21, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get her pink locks, you’ve found your match! It’s extremely easy and Stephanie (our lovely blonde model) was really excited to have pink flowing through her hair.

Supplies: Soft pastels (can be found at any art supply store), spray bottle, and a flat iron.

Step 1: Separate into small sections of hair

Step 2: Soak a small section of hair with water.

Step 3: Apply whichever pastel color you choose, generously. Repeat throughout sections you want pasteled.

Step 4: Flat iron (or curl) your hair to set the color.

Voila! You’ve just given your self a temporary new hair color! And you may even look a little more like our latest muse, Charlotte Free. #LoveIsFree after all.