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Fashion / DIY Fest: The Carrie Purse

The Carries Diaries premiered on Monday, and we gotta say…we’re hooked! One episode in and we already see our fave curly-haired fashionista DIY herself out of a meltdown and into an Interview Magazine editorial spread. We thought we’d test our own luck and get carried away with our own version of The Carrie Purse and, with a little splish & splatter detail on a cute clutch, you can too (it’s supes easy)! Check, check, check it out!!

What you’ll need:

-Love & Beauty nail polish

-Bag or clutch



1. Select your favorite Love & Beauty nail polish colors.

2. Lay out your supplies. Make sure to cover any close surfaces (and wear old clothes you don’t mind ruining).

3. Paint your purse! We went for the drizzle technique by pouring the polish in quick motions across the bag.

4. Once your design is finished, let dry for at least 6 hours (depending on how much polish you used.)