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The last thing we want to do is start festival season on the wrong foot… literally. So that’s why we called up our DIY expert Erica of FASHIONLUSH for the perfect accessory to make a head-to-toe statement this spring. 


When it comes to my accessories, I am all about different & unexpected w/of course… a touch of boho chicness. Think hand pieces, headpieces, body harnesses & foot pieces. Yes… you hear right, foot pieces. Cause, when you’ve got jewelry for your feet, who needs shoes? Trust me, being barefoot has never been so cool.

Xx, E

+ Two necklaces you like (from Forever 21, of course!), but are ready to take apart!
+ Jewelry Pliers

1.      The first step is to deconstruct your necklaces using your jewelry pliers. Take off a piece of one necklace to fit around your ankle (i.e. my gold coin necklace), & the other one take off a piece that is the length from the center of the anklet to the bottom of your second toe (the connector piece i.e. my daisy chain).

** Be sure to hold on to your jump rings as you will use them later!! **

2.      Now create your anklet. Attach the clasp from either of your deconstructed necklaces to the ends of the chain you cut for the anklet piece.

3.      Attach your other piece of chain (the connector piece) to the center point of your anklet using the jump ring you saved.

4.      Now time to attach your toe piece. First thing is to put on your anklet & let the connector piece hang down towards your second toe. Now, take a piece of chain from your deconstructed necklace & wrap it around your second toe. Reach the ends to the top of your connector chain & make sure it fits. If it is too long, you can remove some links using your jewelry pliers.

5.      Take the anklet off your foot & attach the piece of chain you now have for your toe piece by folding it in half and connecting the two ends with a jump ring to the end of the connector piece.

6.      Rock barefoot or with some sexy sandals & wait for the compliments to roll in!


For more of Erica, check out her Instagram @_fashionlush_