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4th of July is fast approaching, but with the World Cup frenzy (*It was a fantastic run, TEAM USA!), everyone is in full patriotic mode! So why not kick start this week with Erica Stolman with another fun summer project: American Flags Sneakers?! Just grab a pair of white canvas pimsolls and add a little flair to upgrade your red, white and blue look. Oh say, can you see!



Hey guys!!! I’m back again with another fun summer DIY project J.


This time around, it’s all about the shoes! You know what they say… you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear.


I like to think that my personal style is rather minimalistic. I typically opt for basic colors, little/no pattern, & classic silhouettes.


My shoe choices on the other hand, well that’s a whole different story. That is where I like to have some fun & really express myself. I am all about bright colors, outrageous patterns, and the weirdest styles.


More often than not, I have a hard time shopping for shoes that fit all my needs, so instead I get a pair that’s close—and give ‘em a little makeover. Whether painting the tattered soles of my fave pumps with nail polish or adding cutouts to some plimsolls—I am all about that extra bit of “flair”.


So, without further adieu, here is my latest & greatest lil’ shoe upgrade—a simple plain white pair of sneakers turned into a patriotic pair. Perfect to rock all summer long!!


Hope you enjoy & happy crafting <3!!




Supplies: plain white sneakers, duct tape, star stencils, sponge brush (or a kitchen sponge cut up would work too!), thin paint brush, red & blue fabric paint, alphabet beads.


Step 1: Let’s get started!


Step 2: First, prep your sneakers by making sure they are relatively clean/dust free & remove the laces. Cut strips of duct tape in half long ways (making the strips skinnier) & place them across your shoes horizontally. Next, prepare your star shoe by sticking the star stencils around the shoe in various/random spots. Also, be sure to tape off the soles of the shoes as well.


Step 3: Using your sponge brush, or a kitchen sponge cut up into smaller pieces, start carefully sponge painting around your stencils. Avoid getting the paint on any part of the sneakers you don’t want painted (i.e. the soles, the tongue, & around the laces). Let it dry & then remove the tape and the stars from the shoes.


Step 4: Using a thin paintbrush, paint the seams of your sneakers in the opposite color of the design. So for the star shoe, paint the seams blue & for the striped shoe, paint the seams red. Easy enough, right? Let it dry.


Step 5: Re-lace your shoes & add a personal touch by stringing cute alphabet beads on the ends of the laces!


Ta-dah! Now go rock those sneaks like it’s nobodies business, & get ready for people to ask you where you got ‘em.



XX, Fashionlush