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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa-get ready-another tour from Dylana Suarez at ColorMeNana! We’re getting ready for festival season in exotic prints and bohemian embellishments, and her blog is our go-to style destination for all things boho! And yes, her Brooklyn abode is everything you imagined it would be: thrifted finds, a bunch of well-curated books, a vintage camera, and classic posters. But, really, would you expect anything less from her? Peep below to check out her sick style and of course, her favorite f21 pieces! 


I jumped for joy when Forever 21 asked me to do a tour of my closet, because that’s something that I haven’t actually done on my blog in all of the over 4 years of me updating this thing! So, here it is! A tour of my current closet, which I am endlessly adding more pattern to than ever in anticipation of the upcoming spring :) My room isn’t the the hugest, but I’ve worked hard to utilize the space I’ve got. And yes, my entire room is basically my closet, but at least it’s pretty to look at right? My built-in closet has basically been the living grounds of my winter coats and chunky knits since October. I converted my bookshelf into the place to store my denim and skirts, and now they are super easy for my to view and look through. It makes making the decision between blue and black denim much easier. I like having my clothes out on display like this. It’s like showing off bits and pieces of my life in the form of my wardrobe.

As you can see, my closet is very, very colorful. Not many neutrals or basics going on here. But that’s just me! Every morning I wake up to see my clothing rack filled with just about every print and hue imaginable. It’s like a kaleidoscope of limitless options of outfit combinations. Not a bad way to get your imagination running each day. My most favorite prints happen to be the ones from all my old vintage hauls from LA and Philly, most of which are displayed on my clothing rack. I just don’t ever see myself letting go of them. So many memories attached. Intermixed in my wardrobe of thrifted designer finds, vintage warehouse digs and high street wonders are of course my favorite pieces from Forever 21. A lot of my favorite go-to plaid and boho pieces are Forever 21! These plaid skirts and pair of pants are now foundation pieces in my wardrobe. I love them when I need to add a little punk element to my outfit. And the stitching on this boho sweater that I’m wearing is basically my dream.

Mixing high and low is the foundation of my wardrobe, and it always has been. It’s good to find the potential in everything, no matter what the label says. I always feel a whole lot more like myself when what I’m wearing is a reflection of not just one idea, but multiple ideas . . . multiple stories, schemes, price points, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense when it’s hanging all together in my closet, but once it’s all on, I know that I’m doing something right. And out the door I go. Thanks Forever 21 for wanting take a peek into my closet. It was a pleasure :) Now lets see what I’ll be adding to it next.


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