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Fashion / Blogger Spotlight: Gabrielle from Dentelle+Fleurs

Today’s feature: Gabrielle from Dentelle+Fleurs

Blog Backstory: 
Why is your blog named “Dentelle+Fleurs”?
I named my blog Dentelle&Fleurs (which means Lace & Flowers in french) because I always had a soft spot for lacy dresses and flower patterned tops and shoes. I always had a cute and effeminate style, which matches my blog name perfectly. I also wanted to stand out from all the previous Montreal blogs with fashion or style in their name.

How long have you been blogging?
For about 2 years.

How is blogging changing the fashion industry?
I think blogging is making fashion more accessible to the public because it exposes how normal people wear their clothes and how you can easily play with fashion. Everyone can now share their fashion sense on the Internet, it is not only the movie stars or in magazines that can inspire us.

Style Bio:
In your own words:
Romantic vintage, boho chic and boldly coloured accessories

Who are your style icons?
Rachel Bilson, Sienna Miller and Aimee Song

Shop Talk:
What do you love about Forever21?
When I shop at Forever21, I am always impressed with the amount of pieces I like and that they are affordable. Their is a lot of colorful, unique, and trendy clothes that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.

Do you shop for vintage, do DIYs, make fashion your own?
I shop in Vintage and second hand stores. You can find lots of amazing pieces if you have the patience and the eyes for it. I always end up in the men’s section trying on shirts and t-shirts that I can transform at home.

What are you shopping for this fall?
Comfy knits, big necklaces, rich fabrics and tweed.

Montréal Fashion and Design Festival:
Have you ever attended the MFDF?
It is my third year and I still love it like it was the first one.

What kind of excitement goes on in Montreal around the event?
The festival is outside, downtown, and in the heart of the great fashion boutiques and malls. There is music, bands, food, fashion shows, cocktails, people and models everywhere. Imagine Cochella without the mud, celebrities and holograms. It is a fun place to be and it is actually my favorite festival.

What designer are you looking forward to seeing this year?
Jeanne Beker, Gold Rush, and Collectif de Montreal.