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Fashion / Best of @Forever21 Instagram from 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, we can’t help but start to feel nostalgic. Reaching 1 Million and then 2 Million fans on Instagram were definitely 2 of our most exciting moments of 2013 (Seriously… we do have the best fans anyone could ask for!). Here are the top 10 IG posts from 2013!


10. Definitely one of the weirder #F21xMe pics we’ve seen so far. #welldone



9. We too love glitter just as much as our fans! So many colors to choose from! #cantdecide



8. #Obsessed with frosted frocks for the holidays! So glad our fans did too!


Franco Brothers

7. Too cute to handle even for #ManCrushMondays! Who is your #fave? #stillcan’tdecide



6. Love this nail art to the moon and back! #nailedit



5. It was October 3rd, and we couldn’t get enough #MeanGirls quotes in the comments!!!




4. We really wanted to know what was under your tree this Christmas! #gifthaul



3. Stop what you are doing! These cuties want to say “Happy New Year!”


Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

2. The best #TBT image AND couple! #HeyGirl #LoveNotebook


Family Guy


1. Remember that time #Forever21 made a #FamilyGuyAppearance. #RockForever21ButJustTurned30 #flashback #OMG2013#NewYears

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