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Fashion / Berlin Blogger Babe: Q&A with Bonnie Strange from Strange Ambition

Our love for Berlin is amplifying by the second largely due to our eccentric obsession with Bonnie Strange. The blogger slash singer from Strange Ambition will tell you how she got into her true breakout role as a singer and of course, her current obsessions! Peep her Q&A below.

Would you rather… be a rockstar OR a blogger?


1. How did you start your singing career? Where did it all begin?

I formed a girl band named The Rio Girls with two friends of mine. Totally inspired from the 80s and artists like Duran Duran and Robert Palmer we produced our first single Neon Lights. It was a fun project and we did everything by ourselves – the music, the outfits and even the video was organized by us. After the second single Scissors we decided to split up due to some differences. Right now I am working on my solo album.


2. What is your stage style vs. off-duty style?

Actually both are the same. My stage style is probably more dramatic–more is more–but I would wear every of my outfits also for grocery shopping. I always dress how I feel, I don’t believe in dress codes.


3. Describe your style in 5 words.

Just do whatever you want!

4. What is the one item in your closet that you couldn’t live without?

I seriously love all my fake fur jackets, especially my pink one.

5. If you could trade closets with anyone, who would it be?

Hmmm, probably Kreayshawn, I love her style.

6. Which artists should we watch out for in 2014?

Well, I guess Lorde will be rocking in 2014, and I’m still hoping for Sky Ferreira to be the next big bad girl. Sky is a beautiful girl, and I love her punk derived style with her bold lipstick… just screams Courtney Love in 1994.


7. What is your current obsession? (doesn’t have to be fashion related!)

I am totally into dark lipstick, although i haven’t figured out how to look good with it on pictures.

8. Any tips for up and coming artists?

Never pretend to be someone else and keep on doing your thing even if people don’t like what you do, always write your own story.

9. What would you be doing if you weren’t singing?

I guess I would try to start singing, or concentrate on one of the 100 things I am doing. I am a designer, a model, a photographer… Life is too short to do everything but i at least want to give it a try.


10. Tell us a deep dark secret!

I was a hardcore goth when i was 14 :)

11. Have any New Year’s Resolutions? Style Resolutions?

More work, less sleep :) I could sleep all day and night, sleeping is kind of my hobby. And I’m trying to live more vegan.

12. Why should Forever 21 be on everyone’s radar?

You can always find cool affordable stuff at Forever 21. They are continuously changing their assortment, so every time you go there you’ll find brand new pretty styles.


Want to know more about Bonnie? Check out her blog Strange Ambition and follow her on Instagram @BonnieStrange