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Fashion / Berlin Blogger Babe: 10 Questions with Vreni Frost from NeverEverEver

Berlin Blogger NeverEverEver-1Last but definitely not least in our Berlin Blogger Babe Series, we’ve got Miss Vreni Frost from the blog NeverEverEver sharing her slice of Berlin and all things fashion-related. Two things we can’t get enough of: her serious sunny collection (those smiley frames are next level!) and the flourescent hues she’s always rocking. Color us neon!


Tell us about yourself!

Hey guys, I am Vreni Frost – fashion and lifestyle blogger, foodie and book lover!


How was the Berlin store opening?!

Forever 21 [always] gives my closet a trendy update. I am really pleased that I can visit the store in Berlin now!


Describe your style.

Classy meets crazy, meets me.


What is the one item in your closet that you couldn’t live without?

Definitely anything metallic, and denim shorts.


Heels or sneakers?

I’m a total sneaker head – they’re all over my home right now.

Berlin Blogger NeverEverEver-2 Do you remember your first blog post?

I used to blog for a friend when I was living in London, 5 years ago. I posted a street style image of myself in front of a graffiti wall, which felt really arty at the time!


Who’s your style icon?

Like most girls my age, I love Kate Moss. But I‘ve always followed my own [style] rules.


Favorite fashion destination?

London. Always and forever.


Any fun projects you’re working on now?

I decided to upgrade my life by planning my first vacation in years! After that, I will be head-over-heels busy at Fashion Week!


What are you buying for Fall?

Sneakers, animal prints and pointy ballerina flats!


Want more Vreni?! Follow her on Instagram @VreniFrost for daily updates on her bright life and peep her blog NeverEverEver right here!