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Fashion / Berlin Blogger Babe: 10 Questions with Michal Tesler from eVe

Berlin Blogger Babe- Eve- 1

For our second installment featuring our fave Berlin blogger babes, we courted Miss Michal Tesler from eVe Without Adam mostly because she has sick style but also because her site (and her hair!) are out of this world in the best way possible. Learn more about our Berlin bestie below, who’s got the pulse on everything maj when it comes to art, fashion and music. Say guten tag!


Tell us about yourself!

Hi I am Michal Tesler 28 years old from Berlin. I am the Co-Founder of eVe Without Adam and I am currently working for VICE Magazine on an Adidas Originals project.


How was the Berlin store opening?

It was a big store with a colorful collection! It brought the LA sunshine to Berlin!


Describe your style in 5 words.

Dark, alluring, sophisticated, provocative, slick


What is your favorite Forever 21 item in your closet now?

A black and white spotted bodysuit!


Heels or sneakers?

I like sneakers and I adore heels, but I love boots!

Do you remember your first blog post?

I do! It was a personal intro. At the time, I never thought, that there were so many people who were interested in what I was writing.

Berlin Blogger Babe- Eve- 2

What influences your style?

I would say a culture rather than a person – hip-hop mostly.


What city is your favorite fashion destination?

Paris and London are great for streetwear culture.


Any fun projects you’re working on now?            

eVe’s new site is our most interesting project right now and of course all the new ventures that are connected with the launch… more to see soon on eVe!


Trend forecast for us! What is the number one item to buy for Fall?

Tight crop tops and bustiers with cutouts!


Want to see more Michal? Peep her site eVe Without Adam here and follow her on Instagram @EveWAdam for her daily musings from Berlin!

Berlin Blogger Babe- Eve- 3