And Now You Know

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Hey FashPackers! If you haven’t entered The FashPack: DIY Contest yet – now is the time! From what we’ve seen of the submissions thus far, we can already tell it’s going to be a close one. Here’s a behind the scenes look of the F21 FashPack we DIY-ed to kick off the contest. The team had to stop at just one DIY (unfortch), but we hope our geo-studded backpack inspires you to get your own FashPack started. Show us what you can do!


Stock up on studs, charms and pins in all shapes and sizes.

Tool Time!

Pick a backpack prime for a DIY makeover!

Start at center and mirror the studding on both sides to keep symmetry.

Work your way out with the studs and add in some extra pieces as desired for a clean geometric look.

Viola! FashPack!