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Beauty / Beauty Tutorial: Bats & Cats Nail Art

We’re always in the mood for a weekend mani sesh, and with the new Bats & Cats capsule collection with Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment, we’ve got you covered with a Gotham-inspired nail art tutorial just in time for all your fall festivities! Check out our beauty team’s tips & tricks to applying the matte black and metallic gold faux nails purrrrfectly!


Bats and Cats Nail DIY

Step 1: Lay out your supplies. Don’t forget a nail file, too!

Step 2: Clean nails are essential! Using a manicure stick, push back cuticles.

Step 3: Select a matching size nail for each of your own nails.

Step 4: For a better fit, file false nails at the sides and cuticle ends.

Step 5: Apply a drop of glue to the false nail and spread using glue nozzle.

Step 6: Position the false nail close to the cuticle and press down firmly. Hold in place for 10 seconds until secured.

Step 7: Repeat on all your digits!