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Our blogger babe Dylana Suarez from Color Me Nana got health-focused and showed us how to find time for a workout (even for the girl on the go!). No time like the present to work on our beach-bod – so sign us up! Check out more get-fit secrets from Dylana below!




Fitness is a huge part of my life, and I try to fit gym sessions at least 2-3 times a week. It’s one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of a long day, or to get myself pumped in the morning even before I have my coffee. Don’t get my wrong, I’m no healthy freak at all. This girl loves her burger with extra cheddar and a few drinks on the weekends, but moderation really is key. The deprivation of things that taste good is never healthy, but the deprivation of letting your body move and grow is also not healthy. Being active just makes me my body and mind feel good and in tact, and that’s why I work hard to regularly keep at it. I don’t often take my workouts outside, but with my schedule busier than ever right now, making it to the gym for my normal 2 hour session of cardio and light weight training sometimes doesn’t happen. With a park just a few blocks from where I live, I figured that taking my workout closer to me saves time, and can be just as pro-active with a few of my key outside fitness moves.

Check out below some of my favorite workout-in-the-park moves that keep me fit on the go. Just doing a 30 minute session with these moves at least a few times a week really is a miracle worker. Get ready for the beach girls :) All fitness wear is from Forever 21!


Lunges are probably the best things a girl can do for her legs. The key is to keep both of your legs bent in the lunge at a 90 degree angle at all times, holding the lunge for at least 5 seconds, before switching legs. After a few sets of 5 second lunges, try extending the time to 10 seconds to really feel the burn. Make sure to keep your abs tight, and your arms curled up into your body so that they get a workout, too!


Bikini season is also known as booty season, so time to get that part of you in check! Start with your elbows and upper arms resting on the ground, your back straight, and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Slowly raise one leg up (still bent at a 90 degree angle) and hold for 5 seconds, and then return to original position. Do the same thing with the other leg. Repeat. Keep your abs tight. Feel the burn :)


After having a major back surgery a few years ago, I’ve had to sort of tame down my abdominal workouts, but I’ve experimented with different positions and found two that really worked for me, but is actually super effective for everyone. With both, start with your back completely flat on the ground, with just your head lifted, hands resting behind your head, your abs tight and your legs extended and lifted so your body creates a straight line.

The first move I like to do I called Abdominal Leg Shifts. With the use of just your legs and abdominal muscles, bring one leg into your body slowly and then back to the original position. Do the same with your other leg, and then repeat. I like to do sets of 20 of these, and then repeat a few times.

After a few sets of these, I move onto Abdominal Plank. Start in the same extended position, and then with the use of mostly your ab muscles, bring both legs into your body and then extend again with the legs lifted off the ground. Hold the extension for around 10 seconds, then repeat.


This low resistance and actually quite relaxing! When I got in for the press, I make sure to keep my elbows down near the sides of my waist so that my underarm muscles get the ultimate workout. You can also go in for the press and then extend your elbows out and away from your body to give your chest muscles more of a workout.


This is a fun way to test how long can you hold that squat for! When you go in for the squat make sure you make a 90 degree angle at your knees and at your waist. Keep your upper body tall and your abs tight. Hold the position until you feel like you can’t anymore. If you’re up for it, try another set and see how long you can make it! Your legs may feel like a jelly for a bit afterwards, but its amazing noticing your progress and how much easier it is the next time you try the tree squat.


When I’m exercising outside, I take advantage of the space and dedicate more time to stretching full out before and after I start my workout. And its important to take your time doing so. No workout is ever as effective as it can be unless your muscles are fully prepped for it.

All fitness gear that I am wearing is Forever 21, of course!


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