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Fashion / 21Men: 5 Questions With DJ + Music Producer Ricky

You may have peeped DJ + Music Producer Ricky on the 21Men  site sporting our denim vest and printed shirt, but we were lucky enough to sit down and snag a chat with the dapper dude to get the lowdown on DJ beginnings, vintage scores and why disco is the ultimate dance music. Check, check, check it out!


1.     Style in five words or less:

Relaxed, vintage, dark & denim.


2.     Fave place to score vintage gear?

Every time I’m in a different city I try to check out where the thrift shops are. In LA the best place is the Rose Bowl – you can spend all day digging for stuff there!


3.     You travel a lot as a DJ! What are some of your packing secrets?

The key is to pack layers when you travel because you never know when you get off the plane if it’s going to rain, or snow, or it’s going to be hot.


4.     How’d you start DJing?

I started when I was about 13, I was going to school dances and parties and all my friends would be dancing and I’d be looking over at the DJ like, “What’s this guy doing?” I saved up a bunch of money and I was like “Dad, can you take me to buy turn tables?” and I just locked myself in my bedroom from ages 13-16.


5.     What’s your sound like?

House music, dance music, disco, hip hop, R&B…I like it all. I’m always searching for new music but the main thing I’m into is disco. Without disco there’d be no dance music.