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Fashion / 21 OMG MOMENTS FROM 2013

It’s that time of year again where we roundup the top OMG moments of 2013. This year we saw so many great things happen in music, movies, pop culture, and Forever 21 that it made it hard for us to break it down to just top 21. So sit tight and get ready to relive the best of 2013-here are the 21 most OMG moments from 2013.

Presenting #s 11-15 on our list…


Miley copy


15. Miley Cyrus sure surprised us all this year with numerous eye-catching performances and videos.  Of course the most memorable is her VMA performance where she left us all with our jaws on the ground.


14. Jennifer Lawrence tripped up the stairs as she headed onto the stage to accept her Academy Award for Best Actress early this year. This didn’t change the fact that she captivated our hearts during her acceptance and we love for her for that!


13. DC comics and Mickey Mouse Fans went crazy for our collaborations this year! Blogger babes, fashionistas, and even celebs (Selena Gomez) were spotted rocking their Bats and Cats and Mickey & Co. standout pieces.
12. This year brought us #FemalePower with the return of all our favorite pop stars. One by one they released their latest masterpieces and we couldn’t be more happy.
11. Power couple Kim and Kanye surprised us all with the birth of baby North as well as their extravagant engagement!

Stay tuned for more 21 OMG Moments of 2013!!!