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Contests & Giveaways / 21 DAYS OF LAYERS INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE!!!!

UPDATE: Check the winners for Days 1-3Days 4-6Days 7-10Days 11-13Days 14-17Days 18-21! And our grand prize winner here!!


Now that the fall season is officially here, we’re celebrating our fave part (the layers!) with our 21 Days of Layers Instagram Challenge!! It goes like this: snap a pic wearing the daily callout (the more layers added to your styled-up look, the better!) and upload it to Instagram with the hashtags #21DaysofLayers and #ShopLayerRepeat.


We’ll be awarding daily prizes (more gift cards for more clothing layers!!) and a $1,000 USD grand prize gift card!!! Make sure you upload the right pics on the right days, to be entered to win! Time to #ShopLayerRepeat!!!